Alex Med Jobs

About Us

Alex Med Jobs provides 19 years of Physician Recruitment experience, both national and international.  We bring Physicians, NPs and PAs together with organizations and communities in need of these essential professionals.

Marjorie has been a recognized National Speaker for over 18 years on various topics like:

  • LEAN Recruitment Methods
  • Recruitment Toolbox
  • Physician Shortage
  • Sourcing
  • Applying LEAN Principles
  • Streamlining your Recruitment Department
  • Improving your Recruitment Department’s Efficiency and Workflow

Marjorie has inspired, informed and engaged her audiences across the US.
She is a thought-provoking speaker who receives positive feedback and has been requested to return to conferences for additional speaking engagements.

Marjorie is able to provide Speaking Engagements in both English and Dutch languages.


Our Goal

Our goal is simple: Match the right Physician, PA or NP with the right position in a timely manner with the end goal in mind: Excellent Care for the Patients in the Communities in Need!

Our Approach

Alex Med Jobs is uniquely and adequately positioned to tackle today's Provider Recruitment challenges through our modern approach to high-powered data mining, and our one of a kind employer/employee criteria based targeting logic. We add new Providers to our database daily.

Let us be the extension to your Recruitment efforts. We are proud of our in-depth interview process before we present you with a qualified candidate. We want to ensure that the candidate we present will fit your profile and is indeed available and interested. Our in-depth and unique database engine will ensure the right fit for the candidate and your practice.

How it Works

We are a Contingency Recruitment Organization:

* No Up-Front Cost to Start our search
* Candidates are screened to match what your organizational need is
* Replacement guarantee
* Clear communication from ONE experienced, dedicated recruiter only
* Allow us be the extension to your recruitment efforts


Email: - Phone: 440-622-5421